Car Kills School Mom Trying to Save Students

A Texas mother shielded students outside an elementary school by coming between them and the accelerating car that killed her. According to witnesses, Karisma James put herself in front of a car who’s driver had seemingly lost control.  

The three students who were struck by the same vehicle survived a near fatality in the parking lot of Tippin Elementary School Monday afternoon.

Apparently, the school mom, James, was protecting the children from the driver who had accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, according to the El Paso Independent School District

James, 33, died at the scene of the accident after having stepped in front of the three children, taking the brunt of the hit as witnesses reported, according to school district spokesman, Gustavo Reveles.

Reveles referred to the elementary school and district as what most would call exemplary, calling it “a tight-knit community and one that takes care of its own, especially the children.”

The three children James was protecting from sudden death were injured and transported to a local hospital. Their relationship with James remains unknown at this time.

“We’re saddened by the event but not surprised that someone would sacrifice themselves in this manner,” the spokesman told ABC News Tuesday.

The children’s conditions after the car accident  varied from  critical to critically stable, according to Reveles.

While the driver of the vehicle was taken into custody, it remains unclear whether or not charges have been filed.

Not surprisingly, counselors responded to the scene helping children and staff who witnessed what the school district has called a “tragic accident.”

“At times like this, students process grief in many ways,” the school district said in a statement, adding that counselors would be available at the school the very next day.


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