What to do when an Insurance Adjustor Calls You After an Accident

The aftermath of being involved in a car accident often-times involves speaking to an insurance adjustor from the other side.

In other words, those representing the person or company potentially responsible for the accident.

Consequently, many adjustors waste no time in calling, even knowing they may be catching you off guard.

But, even if you know you are the victim with nothing to hide, you should use caution. For, whatever you say is likely to be recorded and used in your case.

So, what should you do?

At the Law Offices of James G. Graver, P.A. we work directly with your insurance adjustors. And, we ask our clients to refer their accident related calls to our offices.

This serves two purposes. It protects our clients from potentially saying the wrong thing; it also takes away some potentially stressful conversations.

However, if you choose to speak to the other driver’s insurance company directly, then here are a few guidelines.

Be Respectful on the Phone with Insurance Adjustors

Insurance adjustors have jobs and protocols to follow. You may suspect they are not working in your best interest; However, always be polite, even when declining to answer a question.

And remember, you too can also gather information at the time of their call. It is fine to ask them their name, their company’s name and the name of the person(s) who caused the accident.

Ask the Insurance Adjustor for a Copy

Before the call starts, you have every right to ask for a copy of your statement.

They should advise you if the call will be recorded. But regardless, you are entitled to a copy of your conversation.

Provide Limited Information when speaking to an Insurance Adjustor

The only mandatory information you need to share is your full name, address and phone number.

Do not allow yourself to answer any details beyond that, especially if you do not feel comfortable.

If you are injured, you do not need to provide the details. You may feel one way after the accident and over time have other injuries surface. Otherwise you may later unintentionally contradict what you may have said initially.

Do Not Settle For Less

It is important not to accept any settlement offered to you by the other driver’s insurance company without negotiating.

It is therefore important to understand the value of your case before negotiating with an insurance company. Unfortunately, many fail to do this and accept less than they may have obtained otherwise.

Hire an Attorney

After an accident, be sure to contact a reputable law firm such as the Law Offices of James G. Graver, P.A. Their expert legal team will be there to answer your questions and take all of your insurance adjustor calls, so you don’t have to.

They will save you time and frustration dealing with insurance agents who simply do not have your best interest in mind.

Hiring an experienced attorney to deal with all of the legalities requires one call; After that, you can get back to what matters most in your life and focus on your healing.

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