South Florida Boating Paradise, Inlets Not So

Falling in love with boating is an easy thing to do in South Florida, until you take certain inlets.

In fact, South Florida has nine different inlets ranging from Jupiter all the way south to Key Biscayne. But some of these can be very dangerous.

Not surprisingly, some inlets even have entire You Tube channels dedicated to watching people attempt to navigate in and out.

Consequently, boaters are inevitably placed at risk when travelling from the intercoastal to the ocean on their boating excursion. Their only other alternative being perhaps avoiding the more dangerous inlets when possible.

Top three most dangerous inlets in South Florida.

  • #3 Jupiter Inlet – Located in Jupiter, it’s the widest of the three on the list.  What makes the Jupiter inlet tricky to navigate is the buildup of sand known as shoaling just offshore. This alone makes the waves coming in and out very unpredictable and dangerous.


  • #2 Boynton Inlet – Located in Boynton Beach. This inlet is by far the most narrow and requires a little more precision than the other two. Even on a smooth day, it could present a challenge due to the sand bar that causes some breaking waves.


  • #1 Haulover Inlet – Located in Miami Dade County. It is a man made channel connecting Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic. Arguably one of the most famous inlets. Not only could the conditions of the sea and weather make this inlet tricky, but also the boaters. You’ll routinely see everything from small boats to nearby cruise ships, and it’s extremely difficult to navigate.

South Florida Boating Accidents

Boating accidents are a fairly common occurrence in South Florida.

And it’s easy to imagine why given the number of registered vessels; Now at around one million.

Unfortunately, our state is typically at the top of national statistics for both accidents and deaths on the waterways.  During a 10-year study, Florida lead the nation with the most boating accidents at 6,819.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported as many as 723 boating accidents in their 2021 annual report.

As for the most frequent accident causes, it varies. But striking a fixed object like a channel marker in the open water and boat collisions were prevalent. Just this month, the Tampa Bay Tribune covered a story on two different boats packed with passengers that resulted in a deadly crash. Both boats in fact struck fixed channel markers at high speeds.

Of course, chartering on waterways and inlets that require both skillful expertise and luck does not help the cause either.

Graver Personal Injury Attorneys

Hiring an experienced boating accident attorney to help you navigate through the aftermath of a serious accident is important.

At the Law Offices of James G. Graver, P.A., our expert legal team will work hard to secure the compensation you and your loved ones deserve. For over twenty years, its founder, trial attorney James G. Graver, has been coming to the aid of victims and victim’s families. Additionally, as a South Florida boater himself, Mr. Graver understands the dangers many boaters face; as well as the consequences victims of boating accidents are left with. 

Call us today for a free case evaluation on your boating accident. All consultations are always free, and we can be reached online or at 1-888-GRAVER-3.

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