How to Request a Crash Report from the Florida Highway Patrol?

A traffic accident along a busy Lake Worth interstate or highway may leave you with medical bills and a huge body shop invoice. Proving that a careless driver should be responsible for your recovery costs isn’t always easy. Car insurance companies and even other lawyers may try to pin the blame on you. At this point, you may need a Florida State Patrol (FSP) crash report to prove your innocence and eligibility for compensation.

That report could be the difference between getting everything you need to pay your medical bills and being forced to dig into your own savings.

Getting an FSP Crash Report

Before going to the trouble of requesting a report, check to see if your car insurance representative isn’t already seeking it. If you have a Graver Law attorney on your case, your lawyer will secure the report for you.

To officially request your report, you’ll need to either file for it electronically, mail away for it, or request it at the nearest Florida Highway Patrol office.

Online Florida State Patrol Crash Report

The responding FHP officer may need up to 10 days or more to complete your accident report and to submit it. You’ll need to wait at least 10 days before expecting to find your report.

Victims should visit the Florida Crash Portal to the process started. You’ll pay $10 for your report plus a $2.00 convenience fee for using a credit card. It’s the only way to pay for your report online.

FSP Crash Reports by Mail

Requesting a report by mail will definitely be slower. Accident victims will be waiting four to six weeks to receive their report back.

Victims will also need to submit a signed statement to prove they were involved in the crash and eligible to access the report.

A check or money order for the $10 report fee should be made out to “FLHSMV.”
Mail to:
Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Crash Records
2900 Apalachee Parkway, MS 28
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Crash Reports in Person

To request your collision report in person, you’ll need to visit the Florida Highway Patrol Office closest to where the accident occurred. , you’ll want to go to the Highway Patrol office closest to your crash.

The closest one to most Lake Worth residents will be in Lake Worth:

FHP Building 9330
Lake Worth Service Plaza
Mile Post 94
Florida Turnpike
Lake Worth, FL 33467
561-357- 4040

You can find other locations by visiting Troop Stations. For in-station requests, you will also need to submit a signed statement to prove you are eligible to secure a report. Obtaining confidential information when you are not eligible is a felony.

Using an Accident Report to Prove You Weren’t At Fault in a Lake Worth Car Crash

Your Lake Worth Car Accident Lawyer can secure your accident report and collect other evidence to build a strong case for you. This prevents an insurance company from trying to find ways to reject your claim and stick you with the recovery bills.

They may try to shift blame to you or downplay how serious your injury is, all to get you to accept less in a settlement check. Your lawyer fights back and demands the most in compensation possible for your injury.

Contact The Law Offices of James G. Graver, P.A., to schedule an absolutely free case consultation. It’s a simple way to find out what your case may be worth. You are under no obligation to hire us, but if you feel we can help, you won’t need any money to put us on your case. We don’t earn any money unless we win your case for you. Then our fee comes out of the settlement money you receive.

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