How to Get a Lake Worth Car Accident Report

A violent accident along a busy Lake Worth street may leave you with a painful injury and/or a totaled vehicle. You may need days of hospital care, and you could also need help proving who caused your accident, so you don’t end up stuck with the bill.

A sheriff deputy’s accident report on your crash will hopefully direct fault to the right driver. That report could be the difference between getting everything you need to pay your medical bills and being forced to dig into your own savings.

Securing a Collision Report from the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department provides police services to Lake Worth. Their deputies handle many of the accidents that occur on busy Lake Worth streets like 10th Avenue. If your accident was worked by a deputy, you’ll be seeking your report from the Sheriff’s Department.

If you haven’t hired a Lake Worth Car Accident Lawyer, you may need to contact the sheriff’s office to get a copy of your collision report. If you have an attorney from the Law Offices of James G. Graver, P.A., your attorney will be securing this report for you.

There are several ways to request a copy of your accident report. To begin with, you should wait at least a week before going in search of your report. This will give your responding officer a little time to complete your collision report.

You are able to secure an accident report for a collision you were involved in. This is a list of others who may secure your accident report:

  • Your legal representative
  • Your licensed insurance agents
  • Victim services programs
  • Any local, state, or federal agency

Requesting Your Palm Beach County Accident Report Online

The sheriff’s department says this will be the best way to secure your report. You’ll visit the Sheriff’s Department website and request the document through the GOVQA service.

You’ll be able to pay the fee for your record and get updates here. You’ll also be able to find out when the report has been completed.

Important: If you are requesting a collision report within 60 days of your accident, you’ll need to include a signed affidavit proving you are someone eligible to receive these records. You can print out that document here. You will need to sign it in front of a notary.

Requesting Your Palm Beach County Accident Report By Phone

You may call any of the five locations listed on the “Central Records” page at www.pbso.org. You would probably call the Lake Worth location or the main office for Central Records in West Palm Beach to get help.

All five locations have the same number, so you will be directed to the right office no matter where your accident occurred:

City of Lake Worth – District 14

(561) 688-3140

Requesting Your Palm Beach County Accident Report By Mail

You may also mail your written request to the central records office at the following address:

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Central Records
3228 Gun Club Rd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Requesting Your Palm Beach County Accident Report In Person

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department Offices are open Monday through Friday. You may prefer to hand deliver a written request. You may visit the main office at Airport Center from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Lake Worth – District 14 office is open from 9 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Central Records – Airport Center
2195 Southern Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
(561) 688-3140

Using an Accident Report to Prove You Weren’t At Fault in a Lake Worth Car Crash

Your Lake Worth Car Accident Lawyer can secure your accident report and collect other evidence to build a strong case for you. This prevents an insurance company from trying to avoid taking the blame for a reckless driver.

They may try to shift blame to you or downplay how serious your injury is, all to get you to accept less in a settlement check. Your lawyer fights back and demands the most in compensation possible for your injury.

Contact The Law Offices of James G. Graver, P.A., to schedule an absolutely free case consultation. It’s a simple way to find out what your case may be worth. You are under no obligation to hire us, but if you feel we can help, you won’t need any money to put us on your case. We don’t earn any money unless we win your case for you. Then our fee comes out of the settlement money you receive.

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