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The Law Offices of James G. Graver, P.A., represent Lake Worth truck accident victims who have suffered an injury due to a careless Amazon driver’s mistake. Our truck accident lawyers secure full support for our clients so they have what they need to recover physically, emotionally, and financially. We provide a free, no-obligation case consultation to all victims with serious injuries. Contact us to schedule a confidential case review. It’s a chance to determine what your injury is worth and to find out if the Amazon driver and Amazon itself should provide you with full injury support.

Do I Need a Lake Worth Lawyer After a Collision Caused by an Amazon Driver?

If an Amazon driver’s recklessness causes you or a family member to suffer a serious injury, it’s a good reason to talk with a Lake Worth Amazon Truck Accident Lawyer in a free consultation.

Our skilled lawyers will explain every benefit that should be made available to you and your family. We’ll explain why you could need protection if you suffer a serious injury like a broken bone or a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Unfortunately, when medical bills run higher, Amazon’s insurers and corporate lawyers will be further motivated to try to avoid accepting liability in your accident.

Amazon may claim you were to blame for a collision, despite what an officer’s accident report says. Amazon could also attempt to downplay your injury to get away with offering less in support. The Law Offices of James G. Graver, P.A. is your safeguard against these tactics. We investigate what happened and hold the driver and the driver’s employer fully accountable.

Amazon Accident Dangers in Lake Worth Neighborhoods

Amazon trucks, vans, and contractor cars hurry through local Florida communities each day. They deliver the goods we order for our homes and our families. Yet, there is a cost in safety that we rarely think about.

This high-stress, fast-moving job puts Amazon drivers behind the wheel of large, heavy vehicles. The vehicles are dangerous enough, but when Amazon sends distracted and reckless drivers out on the road, those big machines are potentially deadly.

Most Amazon drivers do their best to stay safe, but even safe drivers can make mistakes while working long shifts. Amazon drivers must constantly look at their cellphones and computer tablets to get delivery updates and for mapping. These glances down can make them miss a stop sign or a light turning red.

Amazon drivers can also be speeding or switching lanes recklessly to meet unreasonable demands. Amazon may have failed to do proper background checks and then sent a dangerous driver out on the roads.

Your lawyer helps you prove these and other reckless behaviors. This helps you secure what’s fair for your injury when Amazon attempts to wiggle out of taking the blame.

Who Is Responsible After a Crash Caused by an Amazon Driver?

Several parties may be liable after an Amazon driver sends you into a crash, but Amazon will usually be the entity you’ll want to sue because they’ll have the biggest insurance policy. But how much you get of that money will depend on your injury and the evidence available that shows Amazon’s fault in what happened.

Your attorney with Graver Law will submit all of your hardships backed with evidence. Your lawyer’s experience and negotiating skills can also positively affect your settlement check amount.

Your lawyer will look into each of the parties involved to see who should be providing you with support. If possible, several insurance companies may be called upon.

These are just a few of the parties that may be liable for your crash:

  • Amazon truck driver
  • Amazon
  • Contract driver and the driver’s employer
  • A manufacturer of defective truck parts
  • A cargo loading company

Not all Amazon delivery folks work directly for Amazon. During busy periods, like Christmas, Amazon hires individual contractors that aren’t always covered by Amazon’s insurance policies. Getting adequate collision support from a contractor’s insurance provider could prove frustrating.

And in reality, Amazon should still be held liable for any employee’s mistakes. Allow your Lake Worth Truck Accident Lawyer to determine every party that should help you in recovery and then go after those parties to ensure you have what you need to rebuild your life.

What to Do After an Accident Involving Amazon

To hold Amazon accountable, even when the fault is clear, you’ll need all the evidence available to support your case.

Your lawyer will fully investigate your accident, but some of the strongest evidence will be found on the scene of your crash, right after it happens. You should try to collect evidence on the scene if you are feeling strong enough.

  • Call 911. Get checked out by paramedics and go to the hospital if necessary.
  • Give a full account of what happened to the Lake Worth Sheriff’s Department or the Florida Highway Patrol.
  • Take a lot of pictures. Show the damage to the vehicles and any visible injuries. Show any skid marks and street signs around. Show identifying signs for Amazon on the vehicle.
  • Get witness contact information.
  • The investigating officer should give you the Amazon employee’s driver’s license info and insurance information. Try to get the driver’s Amazon employee number too.
  • Schedule an appointment with your own family physician to get your injuries examined, even if you’ve already gone to the emergency room.
  • Avoid giving Amazon’s insurer or their corporate lawyers a statement over the phone. Amazon representatives will call you asking for a recorded statement about what happened. They hope you’ll say something they can use to reject your case later. Only offer basic information. Allow your attorney to handle further calls.

Compensation Available for Accident Victims

An accident settlement check from Amazon would need to cover every medical bill you or a loved one built up while in recovery from a serious injury. This accident compensation would also have to last as long as your recovery took.

That could mean weeks of support. And in the case of a permanent disability, victims would need a lifetime of care.

These and other factors all help determine the size of a truck accident settlement check:

  • Totals on hospital bills.
  • Estimates on care for victims who suffer permanent disabilities.
  • Travel costs to reach doctor’s appointments during while victims may be unable to drive.
  • Support for the physical pain patients endure.
  • Support for the emotional trauma caused by a frightening crash and a difficult recovery.
  • Reimbursement for the paychecks and benefits victims lose at work.
  • Wrongful death benefits. Support for families who tragically lose a loved one in a Lake Worth crash. Families must receive help paying for a burial, and ambulance and hospital bills. They should also be supported in the future as they move forward without the guidance and financial support the victim would have continued to provide.

Contact a Lake Worth Truck Accident Lawyer

Our firm knows how difficult it can be to deal with truck insurance companies and corporate lawyers after an accident involving an Amazon driver. Don’t do it alone. Allow the Law Offices of James G. Graver, P.A., to fight on your behalf to earn the full amount of compensation available for your losses.

We are committed to working to make sure that you have all of the resources available so that you can fully recover from your injury or loss. We will always work on a contingency basis and do not get paid unless you win.

Contact us today to schedule your free and confidential truck accident case consultation.

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