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Uber Accident Dangers in Lake Worth

Plenty of people catch rides from companies like Uber and Lyft drivers across Lake Worth and Palm Beach County. Rideshares are handy and usually economical. But taxi businesses also put a lot of extra vehicles on the road. And their drivers also rely on rideshare apps for their livelihoods and that can leave them staring at cell phones instead of the road.

Uber drivers on I-95 or Route 1 often present a very real accident hazard. They can present these and other risks:

  • Watching for customers. Uber drivers get alerts on their phones when a potential rider is nearby. They must be quick to accept the request or decline it. This means time spent swiping on a cell phone and not watching for traffic lights turning red.
  • Idle drive time on the road. Uber drivers don’t always have riders to carry. They may be cruising in busy sections of town waiting on a potential ride request. This can leave them distracted on the road.
  • Mapping the ride.  Uber employees may need to map the location of their next riders. Then they may need to map the drive to the rider’s destination. All this attention to cell phone screens just increases the risk of a rideshare driver plowing into your car or running you over while you’re a pedestrian.
  • Recklessly pleasing the customer. An Uber driver can be tempted to speed or to drive aggressively to make the rider happy. These all contribute to the frequent car accidents involving Uber drivers.


And, of course, these hazards all put anyone riding in an Uber car at risk as well. After an accident, you’ll want to leave no doubt that an Uber driver was to blame for what happened. A Lake Worth Uber Accident Lawyer would fully investigate your case, the Uber driver’s history, and the Uber company. It’s the best way to ensure that victims get the full support they need while in recovery.

Who Is Responsible for an Uber Collision in Lake Worth?

All Uber drivers are responsible for carrying their own car accident insurance. But these policies will usually only cover the bare minimum for victims. If your injury requires more than just one trip to the emergency room, your settlement check may leave you having to pull out of your own pocket to pay off all of your medical expenses.

That’s why Uber also has insurance to cover the accidents their drivers cause. But Uber will only contribute to your support funds in certain situations. Uber won’t cover drivers unless they are logged into their apps and on the clock. When drivers are using the app at the time of the collision, Uber’s support can vary.

$100,000 – If an Uber driver is just cruising, waiting for a ride request when a crash occurs, Uber offers victims up to $100,000 in insurance coverage.

$1,000,000 – If an Uber driver is on the way to pick up a rider or the rider is in the vehicle when the crash occurs, all victims would be covered by a policy that goes up to one million dollars.

Your Uber accident attorney would be looking for ways to hold the driver and Uber fully responsible for your injuries. Your lawyer may have to question Uber’s safety policies and training programs to show that Uber’s practices put you in harm’s way. It’s also possible that Uber failed in its background check of drivers and hired an employee with a bad driving record.

Compensation Available for Uber Accident Victims

An Uber accident settlement check would need to cover every medical bill you or a loved one built up while in recovery from a serious injury. This accident compensation would also have to last as long as your recovery took.

That could mean weeks or months of support. And in the case of a permanent disability, victims would need a lifetime of care.

These and other factors all help determine the size of a settlement check:

  • Totals on hospital bills.
  • Estimates on care for victims who suffer permanent disabilities.
  • Travel costs to reach doctor’s appointments while victims may be unable to drive.
  • Support for the physical pain patients endure.
  • Support for the emotional trauma caused by a frightening Uber crash and a difficult recovery.
  • Reimbursement for the paychecks and benefits victims lose at work.
  • Wrongful death benefits. Support for families who tragically lose a loved one in a Lake Worth Uber-involved crash. Families must receive help paying for a burial service and ambulance and hospital bills. They should also be supported in the future as they move forward without the guidance and financial support the victim would have continued to provide.


Contact a Lake Worth Uber Accident Lawyer

Our firm knows how difficult it can be to deal with car insurance companies after an accident. Don’t do it alone. That’s especially important when you may have to seek help from a major corporation like Uber. They’ll have corporate lawyers who get paid to try to discredit your account of what happened and downplay your injuries. Allow the Law Offices of James G. Graver, P.A., to fight back on your behalf to earn the full amount of compensation available for your losses.

We are committed to working to make sure that you have all of the resources available so that you can fully recover from your injury or loss. We will always work on a contingency basis and do not get paid unless you win.

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